Iceland Summer Camp – Planning Meeting!

IMG_8847 (1).jpg

Over the weekend of 28th – 30th May I was at a planning meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland for a trans and intersex summer camp that will be taking place from 3rd-10th July in a remote location in Iceland!

Along with organisations from 5 other countries including Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Finland and Slovenia, Non-Binary+ NI and GenderJam NI will be bringing 12 participants from Northern Ireland to this week-long camp that has been funded by ERASMUS+.

The planning meetings were full on. We covered safe space policies, camp rules, workshop ideas, scheduling, information about the camp venue, transport to and from the location, food requests for the tuck shop & dietary requirements, accessibility issues and created a comprehensive “what to expect and what to bring” list for the participants of the camp. All in all, it was a successful two days and our nerves about the summer camp have turned into excitement!

I’m planning on making a film during the camp, so watch this space for the video in late July!


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