Belfast Pride Consultation


Along with GenderJam NI and Gender Essence Support Services (with Anchor Trans NI absent due to illness), Non-Binary+ NI met with members of the Belfast Pride committee to discuss trans inclusion throughout the festival.

The discussion focused on awareness raising of trans inclusivity at all events, making gender-neutral bathrooms available at all official Pride events (with the possibility of also having them available at unofficial Pride events) and facilitating the trans community in running our own events during the festival.

We also discussed marching in the Pride parade and listing the trans support groups in the Pride brochure. We agreed to collaborate as a community with other trans support organisations in organising events and creating coherent listings of support groups within the Pride brochure. The plan is to march as a transgender cohort in the Pride parade with our individual support group banners.

It was a successful meeting and we’re looking forward to Belfast Pride!

If you would like to volunteer with Belfast Pride, click on this link – it would be fantastic to have some trans &/ non-binary people involved with them!

If anyone would like to run an event with Non-Binary+ NI, please contact us and we’ll do what we can to help!


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